Have you ever imagined a tour that was you want?
For example go to Korea to meet your fav idol, playing on the edge of the Han River, or something else?
Now its your chance!




How to apply :

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3. Simply fill out what you wish to do during the tour



Evaluation Criteria : Randomly selected



4 days 3 nights trip to Korea (8 teams. 16 persons)


including : 1) A round-trip ticket to Seoul, Korea. 2) Accomodations. 3) 500,000 Won worth of ‘Korea Pass’ cards. 4) One-day imagination tour guide.



1. Application Period : July 15 ~ August 31, 2014

2. Winner Announcement : September 15, 2014

3. Trip to Korea : October ~ November 2014

* Based on Korean Standard Time (GMT +9)





How to apply

1. Share the videos of those celebrities on your SNS channels.

2. Leave the URL of your SNS post in the comment box below (on original website)



1. Submission period : July 15 ~ August 31, 2014

2. Winner Announcement : September 15, 2014

* Based on Korean Standard Time (GMT +9)




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so, what are you waiting?
Come achieve TO: UR IMAGINATION yours!
I hope your TO: UR IMAGINATION and my TO: UR IMAGINATION can come true^^
Have a nice day ~!

Transportation : Fast , Crazy

Vehicles are most commonly used in Korea is the subway . And I highly recommend this vehicle . Subway vehicles such as heart there . You can go anywhere using the subway . It is rather the train , because the subway is different from one province to another province . In Seoul alone there are 9 different subway line . And if you look at the subway map , I’m sure your eyes will spin . Haha . DSC02044b

At each station have many exit , and also many stairs . So , before we came out we must really attentive to our exit . And make sure there are escalators or not. But if you are not too tired , you certainly can use a regular stairs. Subway in there very timely . you can find a small screen installed in the hallways where you would change the line or subway ride . On the screen there will be a picture of the train running from and to where . In addition there will be time to train . In addition the subway also safe and comfortable . They have guards guarding the entrance , you can ask if you are confused . What is unique that a song to sign the train was coming . If you watch Beast Showtime , you will hear the song when Dongwoon up the subway . I got memorized it. DSC0177

Other vehicles you can ride are bus and taxi. But im not really recommend both of these vehicles . Maybe if you are trapped and brought a lot of stuff you can take a taxi . But make sure the streets are not jammed at the time ( do not select on Monday , because it is jammed ) , because the jammed streets means more expensive taxi . If you take a taxi , at the listed cost of a taxi , there is a small red figure . The number is changing very fast , and that’s the number that adds to the cost of a taxi . If that number back to the original number then the cost increases 100won taxi . In addition to taxis , buses also not really recommended. I boarded the bus there about 3 times , because my second guesthouse far enough. First I take the bus , I sat so not too feel it. But quite noticeably. Buses in there very quickly . Like a fast and furious movie hahaha. If you stand up , just like me when I boarded the bus for the second time , I assure you will not be able to stand properly . You have to hold tight and stand properly . It also can not be sure you to be able to remain standing in place early . Haha . You could be on the move, could also fall . Moreover, for the first time . One stood little can be fatal . Therefore , after I boarded the bus for the second time , my friends and I would ride the bus only if there is a place to sit . Ah ! For motors . If you often watch the drama , you ‘ll often find food delivery bikers riding the bike like a drunk . I found in Wang ‘s Family drama . They drive a motor winding , such as loss of balance . I thought it was just in the drama , it is so original . I see a lot of bikers riding the bike like that . Seriously . So watch out !

SEOUL : Happiness , Culture , Workout

Seoul , capital of South Korea . Big city with a wide variety of beauty . You can find the city that is modern , full of friendly people , wi – fi everywhere , as well as the city that still keep and maintain the culture .


On the one hand , Seoul is a very modern city . I was surprised to find that so many subway lines , and in it there is wifi . Wherever , whenever you can find wifi . Moreover , tall buildings , and the city that well maintained show quality modern city Seoul . Yes they have good quality in the city . The streets are so clean , pretty well maintained , and everything is organized .


But the first time you came to Seoul you will definitely be surprised . Everyone there went so fast . Even people who are elderly . All went so fast . Besides the ladder so much in the subway station . Only in some subway stations have escalators . Sometimes they have the escalator to go up, but did not have an escalator to go down . Especially if you are to Apgujeong , to the idol entertainment(SM, JYP, CUBE, FNC) . There is a very long escalator ride . But there is no escalator to go down . There are about 102 stairs we have to climb down . And I ‘ve been to that place 3 times . Imagine . Haha . You there , without you knowing it , you ‘ve been exercising .

In Seoul you can also find a wide variety of entertainment . Shopping ? Can . A lot of places that you can visit to shop ( Dongdaemun , Myeongdong , Lotte ) . Amusement parks ? A lot . There Everland , Lotte World , Carribian Bay , etc. . You can find pleasure even from their food . The food there is very tasty and the portions very much . Haha . Add spirit to keep around in Seoul .


On the other hand , side by side with an increasingly modern city , Seoul still provides a place where their culture remain unknown . There Buckheon Hanok Village in Anguk . You can find a palace there , and housing hanok ( Korean traditional house community ) . You can stay in a hanok if you want . There is a tourist information center , information center also hanok guesthouse to find info . Additionally , you can find a wide range berdampngan palace located with modern high rise . Even so , the attraction of the palace is no less than a modern tourist spot . There are a lot of people who visit the palace – palace . While visiting the site , you can use the tour with a variety of languages ​​( Korean , Japanese , Mandarin , English ) . This suggests that the Seoul government care about their culture . They care , also facilitate it.




Its real!

Who would have thought I would go to south korea ?
Even I did not think I’d go there . And I went there! Its real! AAAA~~ So happy ><
South Korea . As many people say on the internet . The place is beautiful , comfortable , and very enjoyable . I feel I didn’t want to leave Korea .
I went there the night of May 8 , with my friends and 1 of my friend parent . The journey was long and very cold . The next morning , the plane has landed at Gimhae International Airport , Busan .

Strong winds and cold the first to greet us at the airport . The temperature was about 13 degrees in there , quite cold and strong winds add to chill of the day. After looking around Busan for awhile , we immediately headed to ride the KTX in Busan Station . We took the KTX to go to Seoul . Seoul i’m comiiinnggg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ woohooo

Hemm … maybe if I tell you everything will be very long . You would be bored reading it . Haha . I better tell the whole course. Enjoy~!


You’re All Surrounded


South Korea still praying for those become a victims in sunken ferry.

Yellow ribbon campaign.

But, life still  must go on. Its already 2 weeks, hemm almost 3 weeks i think.

I can’t give anything new about music, because all music show and idol postponed their comeback. Truthfully i really curious and can’t wait 2PM comeback, but i can’t do anything they must respect about the tragedy.

But! Variety show and drama already aired again, so i still can give update for you~~~

Before this, i already post about Ahn Jaehyun right?? Yes, he now already filming his new film Marriage Bible, and new drama You’re All Surrounded.



You’re All Surrounded started aired next week on 7th May 2014, Wed. & Thu. 21:55  on SBS. “You’re All Surrounded” follows 4 twenty-something-year-old rookie detectives including Eun Dae-Koo, at a police station in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.



Main Cast :

You're All Surrounded-Lee Seung-Gi.jpg You're All Surrounded-Cha Seung-Won.jpg You're All Surrounded-Go Ara.jpg You're All Surrounded-Ahn Jae-Hyeon.jpg
Lee Seung-Gi Cha Seung-Won Go Ara Ahn Jae-Hyeon
Eun Dae-Koo Seo Pan-Seok Eo Soo-Sun Park Tae-Il
You're All Surrounded-Sung Ji-Ru.jpg You're All Surrounded-Park Jung-Min.jpg You're All Surrounded-Oh Yoon-Ah.jpg You're All Surrounded-Seo Yi-Sook.jpg
Sung Ji-Ru Park Jung-Min Oh Yoon-Ah Seo Yi-Sook
Lee Eung-Do Ji Kook Kim Sa-Kyung Kang Seok-Soon

Teaser Ver.1


Please anticipated this drama~~~ ^^ Lets make it into a big success <3