Korean Fashion

After foods lets move to Korean Fashion, or maybe we can say K-Style^^

Korea is identical to the weather was cold, but there are young people using the shortskirt, high heels, high-stockhing, boots, cute bangs, loose coat, and many more. Koreanfashion is not limited by time and color. Korean teenagers often use the colors collide, and a variety of styles according to theirdesires. this is what makes K-Style is so interesting. And now, i will discuss a little bit of K-Style~

mini skrit, and boots are the most favorite clothes items in Korea. Teenagers always love to use these items, even in the cold wheater. But fyi, not just teenangers love to use boots, even the old women loce to use boots. Cute boots, fancy boots, also the colorful boots! >o<

Loose coat. in korean, some boys love girls who use loose coat, beacause they think that the loose coat made women more sexy. 


Pattern leggings. leggings in Korea created to protect us from cold weather. But now, leggings with pattern created not only for protect us but also to support the fashion style.


Colorful clothes. Korean girls love to use colorful clothes, although the colors collide. They use with their own style~


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