Korean Fashion for the boys

in the last post, i post about korean fashion but is only for the girls. now i will share about korean fashion for the boys ^^

in korea not only women want to come up with the new styles not only stylish but modern and fresh. but the man is also want to come up with new styles and their own style. almost all of the man in korea like to use blazer or jacket with pattern or unique models. not only blazer or jacket, sometimes they use hoodie with cute picture. they also add accessories such as bracelets, watches, belts, or necklaces.their also use colurful clothes sometimes in summer^^


Jacket, they use colorful jacket but still look manly. they combine the jacket with a darker color so it does not look too flashy but still good.


Glasses. they love to use glasses, beside protect us from sunlight, people in korea think that glasses make they look more cool~ sometimes they look different when they use glasses and when the didn’t use it.

Do not underestimate the Korean men. they dare to use the colorful clothes according totheir mood, fashion, and their style. they don’t care about the response of others as long as they are comfortable wearing itand they love wearing it.

hoodie. in korea, the boys not only wearing hoodie to warm they body, but also to support they fashion. they can use cute hoodie or colorful hoodie to support they fashion style ^^


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