10 reasons why Korea Tourism Organization Indonesia MUST pick me to go with them >o<

Hi! I wanna tell you guys why must they pick me up to go with them to South Korea this June, and make sure to you all that I have good reasons why you should like my posts in this blog, retweet my tweets, like my facebook page, you MUST know too right why I told you to help me? Lets read ^^

1. I wanna meet 2PM and say thak you to them. Beacause 2PM make my life more cheerful, and more powerful. since I saw 2PM music video ‘I’M YOUR MAN’ i fall in love with them, then i saw their variety show. guess what? i just can be a very happy and touched in only  1 episode 2pm variety show. then i shared it to my firends, they just become like me when they watched 2PM vairety show. but behind it all, I became closer with my friends. discussing the same thing, and laughingtogether. I don’t know this was my life could be so fun and unexpected.

2. I would like to create my dream a reality. I have a dream to go to Korea with new friends and meet my idol star. my idol star is 2PM and I really want to meet them. I dont want my dream just become a day dream, I would make my dream come true with such a hardwork. I want people know dream can become true if you do a hardwork to create that dream.

3. I want to feel some new experience.  I bealieve everyone know every country has the uniqueness of each, that’s why I wanted to go to korea. Iwant to feel the uniqueness of Korean as depicted in the photographs and articles thatexist. In addition, going abroad without parents and meet new people is a new challenge. I could learn to be more independent and able to discover new experiences. there is no new experience unpleasant. right? ^^

4. I want my parents put their trust on me. parents would want to keep their children as possible. but sometimes my parents arewatching over me. think I do not have the ability to keep the self as well. sometimes alsoconsidered a child. but even so I was still in the given confidence when going out with friends. that’s why I want them to believe that I could keep myself well, can socialize withnew people well too. 🙂 Because I’m also going to grow big and have to learn to keep themselves, more mature, and become better

5. Meet some new people ^^. who doesn’t like to meet new people?? meet new people is a good experience! You’ll get the information that you can not even guess being before. when I meet new people, I learned to restrain my desire, listen what people talks, and learn to talkproperly. I can get a lot of information and new friends can even be a good friend.

6.  I want everyone know about how wonderful South Korea. sometimes people around me don’t believe that South Korea is a beautiful country withthe four seasons, beautiful scenery, fresh air and friendly people. because of this, when I was elected by the Korea Tourism Organization Indonesia to go with them to Korea, I can tell how amazing South Korea from the real experience 😀

7. I want to tell my experience in South Korea with Korea Tourism Organization Indonesia with such a hardwork! Since I saw Korea Tourism Organization Indonesia, I know this is a place who people loves korea converge. so, i keep follow this organization and get some new facts about korea, i can ask anuthing about korea, and their admins so kind ❤ So I want to share my experience that I’ll be able to go to South Korea with this event with kindest admins, and If they choose me I want people know that I go to South Korea with such a hardwork not only ask for money to my parents, since it’s only one person from Indonesia to go to South Korea :’)

8. I want to learn about South Korea. South Korea is another country I love beside my own country. South Korea have a unique culter, food, and beautiful panorama.  I want to try live in Hanok (traditional house), eat korean traditional foods, use Hanbok (traditional clothes), and also I want to communicate with them using the Korean language, and write in hangul. I want learn everthing about Korea

9. I want to introduce Indonesia. If  I be choosen, i would like to introduce my own country Indonesia. I’ll bring the good name of Indonesia in front of other countries. I will not disgrace the country Indonesia. I want to show another side of Indonesia. that Indonesia has peoplewith good ethics and can appreciate. I’ll bring it with pride.

10. I’m just wishing everyday and put many hardwork so can many people visit and enjoy my blog, and i can go to South Korea with KOREA TOURISM ORGANIZATION INDONESIA 🙂


That’s all reason why must I go to South Korea this time 😀

Thx so much guyssss~~~~~~

Warm hug from me, Sheli



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