1. I want to try live in Hanok, and wearing Hanbok. I never been to go to South Korea before, so I dont know the feeling live in Hanok.I’m interested in the style of the building. using bamboo, wood, and beautiful gardens.because many Korean people who are not staying in Hanok, I would feel very happy tostay there. Stay there and wearing Hanbok, is feel like I’m really like being in Korean family.

 2. Try Real taste in real place. I wat to try the real taste of kimchi in South korea, i’m also want to try bulgogi. all of Korean traditional food i want tro try! i bealive food from the real place that food comefrom have different taste. so i wanna try it XD

3. go to entertainment bulding. I want go to JYP Enetertainment building in Cheongdam-dong, want to see the real place 2PM come from, and of course i little bit hope can see 2PM come out from the building. I want to go to SM entertainment bulding, and YG entertainment building too~ when go to entertainment building, it make us, kpopers feel more closer to our idol star, right?



6 thoughts on “3 THINGS TO DO IN KOREA

  1. priska says:

    Nice blog :DDD
    keep updating!

  2. furstinnella says:

    we have the same interest! kkk~
    go to JYP building also on my list though^^

    anw, good luck for us 😉

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