Why Korea~

South Korea is a country near Japan. South Korea full of wonderful things such as, beautiful panorama, nice taste of foods, etc. First why I choose South Korea cause I love 2PM. 2PM is most famous male group from South Korea. I love 2PM so much. After I love 2PM I keep searching about South Korea, and I found a wonderful things in korea. I love Korean food, I already tried to ate topoki and the taste is delicious. After that I looking for wonderful places in Korea, and I found Jeju Island, Namsan Tower, also Myeongdong, i wonder I come to that place with 2PM >o<

In South Korea, there’s 3 most popular entertainment, and one entertainment i love is JYP entertainment. why? because in JYP Entertainment or we can say JYP Nation, gave birth to new artists who are gifted. Such as 2PM with beastly idol, 2AM with strong voice, Miss A with fresh look as a girl, or Wonder Gril with wonderful voice~

Beside wonderful place and nice foods, I like Korean culture. In Korea people was respect others, and Korean people very loyal with their country. Korean men in the military must follow. In the military they learn to love his country,keeping the country, and also become more disciplined.




2 thoughts on “Why Korea~

  1. I agree with you. South Korea is an enchanting city! By the way, the photos look great 🙂

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