How to promote South Korea as Team Korea Touch Experience Tour

if Korea Tourism Organization pick me up as Team Korea Touch Experience Tour, i will promote South Korea~ then, i will tell you my plans to promote South Korea

1. I will make the gathering together of the lovers of korea, and will begin promoting onTeam Korea korea as Touch Experience Tour using a variety of facilities. such as power point, souvenirs from Korea, bringing authentic goods from korea, temapat photos inkorea, etc

2. I will introduce my self as a Team Korea Touch Experience Tour, and i wiill tell how fun and excting to be a team like that. then i will tell about the organization first.

3. I will tell about korean culture and the real condition in korea. some people just know korea from kpop drama or movies and dont know the real condition. if I choosen as a team and go to korea, i will tell them about the real condition. example is the state of his city, the people are there in korea is like, their natural wealth, weather, shopping places, places of tourism, transportation, etc. Korean culture i will tell is like they traditional clothes, house, foods, songs, dance, their habits, nasional language, etc.

4. After all of that, i will tell them about hallyu artist, korean drama, k-pop songs. i think this is the best part all people love. hallyu artis are k-pop star and and they are well known internationally. Korean drama is a mini movies or soap operas, but some of the korean drama can make someone getting carried away, can cry or laugh, with a good storyline. k-pop songs are the songs from korea with certain rhythms are distinctive, their songscan make people fall in love. korean artist that mostly k-pop songs that are fast rhythmicbeat with an energetic dance.

5. after an interesting gathering about korea I’ll close by saying thank you for love korea.

This gathering i think would be fun, because I will be adding games and giving souvenirs from Korea as a memento. This was in addition to gathering ituh intended for anyone who wants to learn Korean, so it would be nice. ^^

sounds interted right?? you can leave some comments if you like it or didn’t like it. you can also rate too~ for useful comment and rating to fix things I would do.



warm hug, Sheli ^^


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