Hallyu Artist Music Video (BIG BANG) ^^



Big Bang held their debut on August 19, 2006 at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park during the YG Family 10th Year Concert. On September 23, 2006, the group had their debut performance on television broadcast.

Following the performance, the group’s first single, BigBang, was released. It contained the songs “We Belong Together”, featuring labelmate ParkBom; “A Fool’s Only Tears” (Korean: 눈물뿐인 바보; Revised Romanization: Nunmulppunin Babo); and “This Love”, an adaptation of the American rock band Maroon 5 song, rewritten and performed by G-Dragon. The single went on to sell nearly 40,000 copies. The second single, BigBang Is V.I.P, was released in September, eventually topping 32,000 copies sold. Their last single, Bigbang 03, followed, with final sales nearing 40,000 copies. At the end of December 2006, Big Bang held their very first concert, The Real. The following month, their debut album, Since 2007, was released, selling 48,000 copies by the end of February 2007.


Music Program Wins

Music Bank

Year Date Song
2007 September 7 Lies
October 5
October 19
December 14 Last Farewell
December 21
2008 January 11 Last Farewell
August 22 Haru Haru
September 5
September 12
September 19
September 26
November 21 Sunset Glow
November 28
December 16
2011 March 4 Tonight
March 11
September 17
April 22 Love Song
2012 March 9 Blue
March 16


Year Date Song
2007 September 9 Lies
December 16 Last Farewell
December 16
2008 January 13 Last Farewell
August 24 Haru Haru
August 31
September 7
November 30 Sunset Glow
December 7
December 14
2011 March 6 Tonight
March 13
March 20
April 17 Love Song
April 24
May 1
2012 March 11 Blue
March 18
March 25

M! Countdown

Year Date Song
2007 September 27 Lies
August 25
2008 January 17 Last Farewell
August 28 Haru Haru
September 4
September 11
September 25
December 4 Sunset Glow
2011 March 13 Tonight
March 20
March 27
April 28 Love Song
2012 March 8 Blue
March 15 Fantastic Baby
March 23

Music on Top

Year Date Song
2012 March 14 Blue



This is some music videos from BIG BANG


BIG BANG for V.I.P ^^
Big bang is one of the boyband received many awards, and other good achievement. Although sometimes there are unpleasant news for one member, V.I.P always support BIG BANG.

Right V.IP ?? 😀


warm hug -Sheli >o<


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