Jay Park Showcase in Jakarta -Part 1

Maybe it too late, but I still want to tell you guys how the showcase and signing session going~

First, I shall tell you about the day when signing session.
400 people gathered at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, and wait for Jay Park. Quite crowded, but not so narrow as only 400 people. First of all before signing autographs forthe fans, Jay did a press conference with the media. in a press conference Jay got quitea lot of questions surrounding showcasenya, Jay also got kaos from the fans his or her.Then after the Jay group is always doing a press conference, the fans are allowed into the room. Jay there chatting with the fans and then representative of JayEffect_Indocome to the stage about providing cake and gifts. cakenya made special for Jay, tocommemorate his birthday, despite being two weeks passed after his birthday. Jay iscurious about the gift to open soon on stage and he looked very happy. After that Jaysang two songs, Know Your Name and Girlfriend. The Jwalkerz screaming hysterically.Then after singing, the fans were waiting in line to get the signature of Jay. Wuoohh, thenthe fans are busy with their own imagination, as they see fit later possessed Jay Jaybecause it’s so gross! Or they want to abduct Jay, or they want to hold the hands of Jay ~kkk ~>. <
When I arrived in front of Jay (I swear, he’s cool) I sempet gemeteran, but he’s out of place when signing autographs, so I was communicating with him a little (in english of course)

Me: uh, Jay can you sign here? on the CD ..
Jay: Oh, of course ..
Me: thank you ..
Jay: (shaking hands with me) thank you for coming to the show * no eye contact *
Me: (still shaking hands) Jay, I know this is late but I wanted to say happy birthday: D
Jay: (still shakig hands) (eye contact) (big smile) ouh thank you: D

Well, maybe it’s very short, and possibly for non-fans it is not clear. but to me the fans,THAT’S REALLY AWESOME! > w <! Although for a while, but I was talking to Jay longer than any other of my friends. This is certainly a memorable experience. Any album that Ihave his autograph and I display frames .. hehehe ..

then, i will share part2 tomorrow XD


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