Jay Park Showcase in Jakarta – Part 2

yeah, now i will post another part about Jay Park showcase in jakarta.

I’ll tell you what happened at showcase.

Jay showcase will be aired on local television, you name it SCTV. so (it is verydisappointing and unpleasant) as shown on television, there is a local artist who brought in the SM * SH and Cherrybelle. personally I think they are not a boyband and girlbandwhat I like, because they commit plagiarism, especially Cherrybelle. SM * SH still has its own songs and still have the capital as a singer, but I can only do lypsinc Cherrybelleand can not even dance. but somehow I came to the showcase instead to watch them, Icame to see Jay Park.

Jay Park sang six songs. But Jay had to repeat one song because the fruit is used deadmic. and he repeated the song is a song that fits him showing his abs>. <
track list:
A. up and down
2. nothing on you
3. girlfriend (repeated)
4. i got your back & star
5. abandoned
6. know your name
the jay showcase also brought along PREPIX ^ – ^! Prepix and Jay are very very friendlywith his fans. they dance and sing (just jay) with very nice! they are very cool! whensigning session without hesitation replied prepix greeting the fans, and jay nowshowcase not forget to also greet the fans during the host chat.

I have some video and photos while showcase jay. Can be seen in this bwah ^ ^



that’s all my story ehehe ^^

please give comment or just like/give rate on my post..




warm hug -Sheli-


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