Jay-Z vs B1A4

hii~~~ i’m back~ yeaa.. kekeke..

This time I will share my thoughts about the songs that I think have similarities. I have made a previous post by comparing NU’EST song with SHIHNWA song.

now I’m going to compare:
B1A4 – only bad learned of Things
JAY-Z ft Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind

in fact, they are different songs at the core, because B1A4 is a boyband, while Jay-Z is a rapper.

but when i heard again the song B1A4 (only learned bad Things) has a tone similar to Jay-Z song (empire state of mine). I don’t know you would not think the same atu. but just you listen to those songs here:



and guess what, they begin with the same words .. ‘YEAH’ kekeke ~
backsound same song, but the melody is sung by them are different. I do not know what it’s called but listen to it, both are similar.
I’m confused why I often find things like this …
frequent coincidence apparently. I would not consider this a plagiarism, because I’m also a fan of kpop. so I just think positive.
but I’m curious what you guys think, so please leave a comment and rate. thank you πŸ™‚


warm hug-Sheli


3 thoughts on “Jay-Z vs B1A4

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