[Audio] Mir dan G.O MBLAQ Realeased “Wild”

At the same time with Jang Wooyoung from 2PM,

Mir and GO MBLAQ has released their latest song too, it called “Wild”!

As previously reported, two members announced their plans to promote together as a sub unit before their first tour of Asia.

“Wild” is a hip hop song with a funky grove and addictive melodies. G.O. and Mir personally participated in writing the lyrics, GO stated, “We want to emphasize the sexiness of a self-confidence of men.”

The song will be displayed for the first time in their concert in Jakarta June 30.

MBLAQ will hold a concert in Meis, Jakarta. They appear in the title of ‘THE  BLAQ% TOUR’ and Indonesia become the first country visited.

Jakarta is quite lucky, because Mir and GO did not promote the song straight through the television music program as usual.

You will see MBLAQ newer and more perfect. Please continue to support and love them. Thank you,” said agency spokesman MBLAQ J.Tune Kpop Camp Daily News reported on Monday (6/18/2012).


You can hear the songs here :






warm hug -Sheli (:


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