2PM Wooyoung @ Mnet 20’s Choice

On a previous post I’ve written that have merilirs 2pm Wooyoung first teaser.
And it turns out he’s been doing his first solo stage on Mnet 20’s Choise!

let’s look at the video from Wooyoung walking on the Blue Carpet~

(video source : nuneo0007 )


Of the interview almost everyone, for example Kwanghee, said that Wooyoung seem strange to walk without the other 2PM members, but Wooyoung look cool.
I’m glad to hear it.
Not long after the event begins, Wooyoung also appear to bring a song called 2Night. (even the title of the song also has an element number 2 >. <)

But while singing, there is a dancer who slipped and fell, fortunately dancer can get up and dance again. Not long as they do the ending, Wooyoung get slipped, luckily did not fall. JYPark, the owner and also the care of Wooyoung JYPEnt debut solo looks pretty anxious.
Yeah, maybe the stage floor was slippery because it was in the middle of water.

But I think overall Wooyoung looks good for his first solo stage, without 2PM. Let us pray the best for his debut solo ❤


You cant watch the video Wooyoung perfomance here :



(video source : simhy)




warm hug -Sheli (:


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