2AM to sing theme song for Japanese drama “Soumatou Kabushikigaisha”

2AM will be recording the theme song titled “,For You”, for the upcoming Japanese drama, “Soumatou Kabushikigaisha.”

The drama is due to air on July 16th. The drama producers stated the following: “The song is about the sentiments of a lover towards the beloved. It’s a ballad, and lyrics like ‘I can’t explain in words’ touch the heartstrings of listeners.”

“Soumatou Kabushikigaisha” is to be one of the summer’s psychological thrillers. The plot follows the the characters who walk into the Soumato Corporation unwittingly. There, they will be handed a DVD containing the moments of their lives by a mysterious guide, played by Yuu Kashii. The characters will be allowed to watch their lives though the eyes of the people around them. Just what startling facts that should have stayed unknown be uncovered?

Jokwon is very excited about the opportunity. “It’s an honor, and we feel that the song and the drama fit perfectly and we hope that the fans will enjoy it.”



source : koreaboo


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