2AM’s Jo Kwon sheds tears after receiving a surprise visit from Jinwoon on ‘Strong Heart’

2AM‘s Jo Kwon shed a few hot tears when fellow group member Jinwoon made a surprise appearance during his shoot for SBS ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the July 10th broadcast, Jo Kwon remarked, ”I’ve never once fought with the 2AM members during our 4 years together“. He added, “But there was one time I was saddened by them.

He continued, “I stayed up nearly 3 days and nights filming my solo MV, but they never even stopped by once. I talked to Wooyoung who was also filming a MV, and he said all the 2PM members came to see him, so I became really sad.

Jo Kwon continued to express his hurt feelings saying, “I even texted them on the last day of my shoot, but still no one came.

After his rant, Boom announced that he had a surprise for the singer. “We invited a special guest just for you Jo Kwon,” he said. “Who do you want to see the most right now?

Naturally, Jo Kwon answered that he missed his 2AM members the most, and suddenly, fellow group member Jinwoon made his entrance from the back of the stage.

Seeing the flowers in Jinwoon’s hands, Jo Kwon could not hold back the emotional tears that began to flow from his eyes.

Jo Kwon admitted, “It was really difficult preparing for my solo album, and I thought of my members a lot.” Jinwoon then handed Jo Kwon the audience members the individually wrapped roses asking them to cheer on Jo Kwon for his solo promotions.

Your solo song and the choreography are all very cool,” Jinwoon said. He then stated he had one more thing to say. As Jo Kwon anticipated, Jinwoon shouted, “Wooyoung, fighting!” making the studio laugh at his joking betrayal of Jo Kwon and Wooyoung to stand up and give him a high five.

The two 2AM members then confirmed their friendship and loyalty as they hugged each other warmly.

really touching. they are true friends. I hope you guys also have a true friendship (:

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate, XportsNews via Nate, allkpop

warm hug -Sheli


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