4Men’s Shin Yong Jae drops details and release date for his solo album


Previously, we reported that 4Men‘s maknaeShin Yong Jae, was preparing to release his first solo album. He has recently revealed more details concerning the album, which will be titled ’24′ and released on July 27th.

’24′ will consist of six new songs. Two of these songs, including the title single, were lyrically and musically composed by Shin Yong Jae himself. As it is known that Shin Yong Jae has been working on his album for while, it is expected to contain high quality music. The singer seems to have particular confidence in it, as it will be released on the day when the London 2012 Olympics commence. Most singers have a tendency to avoid releasing anything around the Olympics season, as they assume that the general public will be more inclined to have a greater interest for sports than for music during that time.

4Men’s label’s representatives themselves have acknowledged that concern. “We are worried about the nation’s great interest in the Olympics, but rather than [avoid] it, we have decided to stick to our schedule and progress with promotions,” they explained, and added, “It will be an album that won’t disappoint the many anticipating music fans.

Ahead of this release, Shin Yong Jae will first meet fans at the Jamsil Stadium on the 15th along with singers Lee JungLim Jeong Hee, and Ailee for a ‘Voice 4 Concert’.


Source: E Daily via Naver, allkpop


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