U-KISS releases music video for “Dear My Friend” in Japan

On July 6th, U-KISS released the shortened, edited version of their music video for their 3rd Japanese single “Dear My Friend,” which is set to be officially released on July 25th.

The music video features off-shots of the boys’ Colombian promotions, including their fan-meeting and performance at the “LOS 40 PRINCIPALES” concert which took place in front of over 50,000 fans. Fans were quick to notice that the recording session taking place in the video was done the day of their Ilsan Synara fan-signing event on June 9th due to the outfits they were wearing.

A summery mid-tempo dance track, “Dear My Friend,” is actually used as the ending theme-song for the TV TOKYO anime “Arashi no Yoru ni: Himitsu no Tomodachi.” “Dear My Friend” will be revealed in two different versions, one of which including a DVD with the music video for the title track, as well as the MV making of. The b-side track on the single, “Beautiful,” was written by member AJ, who also wrote U-KISS’s latest Korean title track, “Believe.”

source : koreaboo


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