Nichkhun reveals how money from individual activities is dealt with in 2PM

2PM member Nichkhun recently guest starred on MBC’s “Radio Star” where he shared how the 2PM members must divide amongst themselves all of the money they receive from both group and individual activities.

Nichkhun mentioned this fact because the show’s MC had asked him whether he had to share all the money he made from CFs with the rest of 2PM. Nichkhun, who is the 2PM member that makes the most money from CFs, said “yes” and explained that when 2PM first debuted, it was established that everyone would split the money made from both group and individual activities because that would help the cohesiveness of the group.

However, Nichkhun also admitted, “Sometimes I am unhappy that I have to divide my money with the other members, but I’m not unhappy about it every day,” to which the MC replied, “Chansung should be happy every day,” causing laughter to erupt on the set.

Source: Korea Star Daily


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