2PM, Girls’ Generation, and T-ara certified “Gold” in Japan


2PM, Girls’ Generation, and T-ara have been certified “Gold” in Japan!

According to results from the Japan Record Association, T-ara’s first Japanese album, ‘Jewelry Box‘, has been given the status of Gold, which can only be achieved when the album sells more than 100,000 copies.

In addition, 2PM and Girls’ Generation have also been certified “Gold” with their respective singles “Beautiful” and “Paparazzi“.

Having achieved Gold status, the three groups have shown that they are not only popular in Korea, but also in Japan.

In related news, Girls’ Generation achieved the “Million” status by selling over a million copies of their first Japanese album, ‘Girls’ Generation‘, which was released last year in June.

T-ara and 2PM are currently carrying out busy schedules, traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan for their activities. T-ara has recently come back with a new member and a new song, “Day by Day“, earning positive feedback once again, while 2PM is said to be getting ready for their comeback in Korea.





source : allkpop


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