Sunny would like Girls’ Generation to stay together for the next 10 years


Girls’ Generation member Sunny revealed she would like to promote with her fellow members for a long while.

On the June 19th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘1 vs 100‘, Sunny participated in an intense quiz and attempted to win the grand prize.

The singer then revealed, “Girls’ Generation will soon be celebrating our 5th anniversary.” The girl group debuted in 2007 with their single album, ‘Into The New World‘.

When MC Han Suk Joon asked, “How many more years do you think you will be able to promote as Girls’ Generation?” Sunny replied with a laugh, “As long as we never lose focus, I think we can promote as Girls’ Generation for more than ten years to come.

It makes it the most worthwhile when fans tell us that Girls’ Generation offers them new strength,” she added. “We will continue to put on strengthening stage performances so our fans can continue to say things like that.

In related news, Sunny also displayed her irresistible ‘aegyo‘ on the show for her uncle fans.





source : allkpop


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