J.Y. Park’s New York restaurant ‘Kristalbelli’ sees an increase in sales

Ahead of the opening night of his big screen debut with ’500 Million Dollar Man’ on the 19th, J.Y. Park sat down for an interview with My Daily and announced, “My restaurant business (‘KristalBelli) has been increasing in sales for the past three months.

‘KristalBelli’ is a restaurant, located in Manhattan, New York, that is owned and designed by J.Y. Park. Back in March, J.Y. Park showed his fans his restaurant’s progress, as he uploaded a picture displaying its flashy and sleek interior via his me2day.

Ever since the update, it seems that the restaurant is doing well, as J. Y. Park continued to discuss his ambitions for the future, saying, “We are planning to extend our business into the six Hallyu centers (being Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, and New York).” He added, ”We believe that we can now network in these Hallyu centers, places we were initially targeting and in which we will be able to introduce people to the Korean dishes.

As his restaurant plans gather great interest, J.Y. Park intends on particularly entering into the Japanese and Chinese business circles with a Korean restaurant that has a luxurious atmosphere.




source : allkpop


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