Jo Kwon celebrates his ‘Music Bank’ win from July 6th

2AM‘s Jo Kwon, who is currently active as a solo artist, recently celebrated his ‘Music Bank‘ win from last week.

Jo Kwon was crowned the winner for the July 6th broadcast of ‘Music Bank’, but due to KBS airing their pre-recorded half-year special, ‘Music Bank in Hong Kong‘, the singer unfortunately had to wait until the July 13th broadcast to receive his trophy.

Shortly after the broadcast, the singer took to Twitter to express his gratitude towards his fans stating:

I have received the award from last week’s ‘Music Bank’. Thank you so much. A singer goes through a lot of practice and preparation for just one stage performance. I was already expecting all of the positive and negative responses for the ‘Animal’ performance ever since I began preparing for it. However, I still wanted to show everyone the best of my performance. As a Korean singer and an artist, I want do my utmost best… Please continue to give me your support until the very end ^^.

Accompanied by the post was a photo of himself proudly holding up his trophy while holding a cake in the other hand. Fans flooded the timeline with congratulatory messsages that read, “Kwonnie! Congratulations“, “I love your performance of ‘Animal’!“, “You deserved it“, and more.

Jo Kwon will be concluding his solo activities on the July 15th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘.





cukhae JoKwon!! JoKwon Da One yeaahh~~~

source : allkpop


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