BOOM(붐) – Let me play(놀게 냅둬) (feat.Gaeko) MV



aaaahh~~~Now, I will discuss a few things about BOOM MV from his first album. The MV called Let Me Play.

BOOM’s new song “Let me play” is an electro dance song with powerful beats and rock sounds like BOOM’s overflowing energy, produced by Gaeko of Dynamic Duo and Bart of Planet Shiver.

Moreover, the father of rock music, Yoo Hyun-Sang of Baekdusan performed the guitar for the song, proving his affection for artists of his younger generation like BOOM. (source : loen entertainment youtube channel)

but before I discuss more, you can check the MV below~

i wanna ask you, what you think first when you saw this MV??

i’ll share you my thoughts.

1. My first thought was BOOM shorts looking weird. its look like BOOM wearing stocking and shorts, or shorts with over knee socks .___. i thought it would be better if BOOM just wear  trousers. if he wants to be seen blink blink at the bottom, he could use plain slacks with shiny shoes that are more or you could say blink blink. (hmm I don’t know what you guys called it, but I mean look more like a glamorous or glowing)

2. My second thought was BOOM head look big enough when the scene he was singing in the car.

3.  i just feel sexy when saw this MV. haha~ its like you playing in the club right??

4. i like the part when he sang :

yeah. b. double o m.
oneul eodiseo meohae?(naebidwonaebidwonaebidwonal) boom boom.
i got the boom. you got the boom and we got the boom.
boom boom. i got the boom.
you got the boom and we got the boom.

its so cool~ ><

5. overall i like the song ^^ not too bad, easy listening too.. give him a warm response guys ^^



BOOM hits the stage with “LET ME PLAY” on ‘INKIGAYO’!

Earlier, entertainer Boom announced his return to the music industry on ‘Strong Heart‘, and with the release of his new single, he has been garnering much attention from fans and strangers alike.

Baekdoosan’Yoo Hyun Sang lent his guitar skills to the energetic and powerful, rock-infused electronic dance track to help support Boom’s return.

Check out Boom’s comeback stage below with “Let Me Play“, and check out the rest of today’s clips here.

thats all about BOOM comeback~ ^^

enjoy reading guys, leave some comment too if you want.

warm hug -Sheli


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