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An artist agency that houses a lot of artists who are worldwide. Namely 2PM, 2AM, J.Lim, JYP, SAN E, JOO, Wonder Girls, Miss A. And not long ago they were showing a new duo group called the JJ Project. JYP Nation is the project name used by JYP Entertainment for their artist compilation albums, similar to SM Town and YG Family. It consists of current recording artists under the company. Arguably JYP Nation is the name for a large family JYP Entertainment.

JYP Entertainment was established in November 1997. JYP Entertainment was founded by Park Jin Young (JYP), the CEO Jeong Wook. JYP Entertainment has a musical genre K-pop, hip-hop, ballad, dance, and teen pop. JYP Entertainment based in Seoul, South Korea. But has 3 overseas branches are NYC, Beijing, and Tokyo. Bot only have 3 branches overseas, JYP Entertainment has three subsidiaries namely Big Hit Entertainment, AQ Entertainment, J.Tune Entertainment. Artists of JYP Entertainment itself sometimes often moved to other entertainment are included in the subsidiaries. 2AM and J.Lim call it. Rain was also an ‘opt out’ of JYP Entertainment to make J.Tune Entertainment.


Albums Release Dates
This Christmas December 1, 2010


  • 2008 JYP Tour
  • 2009 JYP Tour
  • 2010 JYP Tour
  • 2010 JYP Nation Team Play Concert
  • 2011 JYP Nation in Japan
  • 2012 JYP Nation in Japan
  • 2012 JYP Nation in Seoul (August)


JYP Entertainment

Debut Artists Gender Members Leader Disbanded Fanclub name Official color
1994 Park Jin Young Male Solo
1997 Pearl Female Solo left the company
1999 g.o.d Male ® 4 Park Joon Hyung 2005 Fan God Sky Blue
2000 Ryang-Hyun Ryang-Ha Male Duo left the company after contract expired
2000 Park Ji Yoon Female Solo left the company (2003)
2002 Rain Male Solo left the company to start J.tunes Entertainment (2007) Clouds Silver
2002 Byul Female Solo left the company
2002 Noel Male 4 left the company (2006)
2003 One Two Male Duo left the company after contract expired
2007 Wonder Girls Female 5 Sunye WonderFul Pearl Burgundy
2008 JOO Female Solo
2008 2AM Male 4 Jo Kwon I AM Metallic Grey
2008 2PM Male ® 6 HOTTEST Metallic Grey
2010 Miss A Female 4 Say A
2010 San E Male Solo
2012 JJ Project Male Duo JB Joyous
2012 Park Ji Min female solo

Big Hit Entertainment

Debut Artists Gender Members Leader Disbanded Fanclub name Official color
2005 Lim Jeong Hee Female Solo
2006 K.Will Male Solo left the company (2007)
2008 2AM Male 4 Jo Kwon I AM Metallic Grey
2009 8Eight Mixed 3 Lee Hyun left the company (2012) Sweet Voice
2011 David Oh Male Solo
2012 GLAM Female 5 Park Jiyeon
2012 Bullet Proof Boy Scouts Male 4

Project/unit groups

  • Homme (Changmin & Lee Hyun)

AQ Entertainment

Debut Artists Gender Members Leader Disbanded Fanclub name Official color
2010 Miss A Female 4 Say A


  • Park Jin Young
  • Kim So Young
  • Yubin, Yeeun, Sunye, Sohee, Hyerim
  • JOO
  • Seulong, Jo Kwon, Jinwoon
  • Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Chansung
  • Min, Suzy, Fei, Jia
  • JB, Jr.


  • Park Jin Young a.k.a The Asiansoul
  • Tommy Park
  • Hong Ji Sang
  • Shim Eun Ji
  • Kwon Tae Eun
  • Rainstone
  • Moonwalker
  • Super Changgdai
  • FAME-J
  • Yeeun a.k.a Ha:tfelt, Yubin, Hyerim
  • Jinwoon, Changmin
  • Junsu a.k.a Jun.K, Junho, Taecyeon a.k.a TY
  • San E
  • Min


  • Park Jin Young
  • Park Nam-yong (mostly 2PM’s choreographer)
  • Kim Hwa-young (ex Rain’s dancer, now choreographer for J.Y. Park, Wonder Girls, miss A, etc.)
  • Jonté Moaning (Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby”, miss A’s “Touch”, J.Y. Park’s “You’re the One”, etc.)

Former Artists

  • Rain ( now under J. Tune Entertainment)
  • Son Ho Young (former member of g.o.d)
  • Danny Ahn (former member of g.o.d)
  • Kim Tae Woo (former member of g.o.d)
  • Park Joon Hyung (former leader of g.o.d)
  • Jay Park (former leader of 2PM, now under Sidus HQ as a solo singer)
  • Park Ji-yoon (now under Sony Music Korea as a solo singer)
  • Byul (now under H2 Entertainment as a solo singer)
  • K.Will (now under Starship Entertainment as a solo singer)
  • Noel (4-member vocal group, now under LOEN Entertainment)
  • Pearl (solo female singer)
  • Ryang-Hyun Ryang-Ha (duo, with twins Kim Ryang Hyun (김량현) and Kim Ryang Ha (김량하))
  • One Two (hip-hop duo, with members Oh Chang Hun (오창훈) and Song Ho Beom (송호범))
  • Han Soo-yeon
  • Jo Kyoo-cheol
  • Kim Dong-yoon
  • HyunA (former member of Wonder Girls, now under Cube Entertainment as a member of 4minute)

Former notable trainees

  • Shin Soo Hyun (now under NH Media as the leader of U-KISS)
  • G.NA (now under Cube Entertainment as a solo singer)
  • Raina (now under Pledis Entertainment as a member of After School)
  • CL (now under YG Entertainment as the leader of 2NE1)
  • Ji Hyun (now under Cube Entertainment as the leader of 4minute)
  • Hyomin (now under Core Contents Media as a member of T-ara)
  • Yang Yo-seob (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of B2ST)
  • Lee Gi-kwang (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of B2ST)
  • Son Dong-woon (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of B2ST)
  • Yoon Doo-joon (now under Cube Entertainment as the leader of B2ST)
  • Jieun (now under TS Entertainment as a member of SECRET)
  • Jaekyung (now under DSP Media as the leader of Rainbow)
  • Sunwoong (now under YYJ Entertainment as a member of TOUCH)
  • Hoya (now under Woollim Entertainment as a member of Infinite)
  • Dongwoo (now under Woollim Entertainment as a member of Infinite)
  • Hyorin (now under Starship Entertainment as the leader of Sistar)
  • Minwoo (now under Star Empire Entertainment as a member of ZE:A)
  • Eunkyo (now under Core Contents Media as a member of Coed School and 5dolls)
  • Park Chorong (now under A Cube Entertainment as the leader of A Pink)
  • [[Jo Kwangmin] (now under Starship Entertainment as a member of Boyfriend)
  • Jo Youngmin (now under Starship Entertainment as a member of Boyfriend)
  • Seyong (now under H2 Media as a member of MYNAME)
  • Youngjae (now under TS Entertainment as a member of B.A.P)
  • Sungjae (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of BTOB)
  • Peniel (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of BTOB)
  • Minhyuk (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of BTOB)
  • FeelDog (now under Brave Entertainment as a member of Big Star)
  • Baram (now under Brave Entertainment as a member of Big Star)
  • Tasty (Tasty 2wins) (now under Woollim Entertainment)
  • Hong Jinyoung (now under Mnet Media)
  • May Doni (now under LOEN Entertainment)
  • Kimberley Chen (now signed to Sony Music Taiwan)
  • Kyungmin (Tony Tse) (now under Avance Entertainment as a member of ESQ)

JYP Nation This Christmas MV


Recently they also hold a Fans Day and JYP Nation Concerts 2012. Fans Day is a form of gratitude from JYP Entertainment artists to their fans. The artists perform a variety of activities and interact directly with fans. Eg Wonder Girls Yenny become maid cafe , 2PM’s Junho did face painting for the fans, 2PM Wooyoung as a DJ, etc. while JYP Nation Concert 2012 is a joint concert artists of JYP Entertainment. The following coverage of the Fans Day and JYP Nation Concert 2012.

JYP Entertainment’s ‘FAN’s Day 2012′ event ends in great success

JYP Entertainment has successfully concluded their first annual ‘FAN’s Day 2012‘ event.

Launching for the first time this year, the event began on August 3rd and ran through the 5th at the Platoon Kunsthalle located in Seoul, drawing in 4,000 fans.

The event included various events, such as exhibitions on the artists’ outfits, albums, pictures, MVs, MV making films, free caricatures and hennas, patbingsu (shaved ice dessert) time, experience wearing artists’ outfits, and various other activities that fans were able to personally partake in themselves.

JYPE artists were also able to interact with fans throughout the event.

YennyLimSuzyFei, and Chansung personally made and handed out coffees and snacks,Wooyoung and Junsu transformed into DJs at a booth and played fans-requested music, andTaecyeonYubin, Fei, Suzy, and Junho drew caricatures and hennas for fans on their arms and faces.

SoheeJOOJB, and Jr. greeted fans with bracelets, and Sun and San E took to the stage and put up various performances for the fans.

JYP Entertainment expressed, “Through this event, the artists were very happy to be able to spend time with fans rather than a regular stage performance or fan meetings. We would like to continue to interact with fans who have loved JYP Entertainment and we will work harder to become closer [with fans].”

Meanwhile, JYP Nation wrapped up a successful concert at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium back on August 4th with 10,000 fans in attendance. The ‘JYP Nation’ tour will be moving onto Japan this coming 18th and 19th.


JYP Nation captivates 36,000 fans for their ‘JYP Nation in Japan 2012′ concert

On August 18th and 19th, the JYP Nation family brought the house down in Japan with their ‘JYP Nation in Japan 2012‘ concert at the Yoyogi Stadium!

The company put on a total of three concerts over the course of two days and brought in 36,000 fans in the seats all hoping to see performances by the company’s leading acts like J.Y. Park, the Wonder Girls2PM2AMmiss AJOOSan E, and JJ Project.

All 35,000 seats had sold out within the first 10 seconds of the tickets going on sale, so it’s no wonder the stadium was jam packed and brimming with cheers from fans in every which way.

miss A opened up the concert with a string of their hits, completely captivating the audience from the get go with their powerful and sexy performances. The Wonder Girls followed after with perfect live performances before transitioning into the next acts with their fluent Japanese.

JJ Project and San E elevated the atmosphere with their hiptronica tracks while 2AM showed perfect harmony, completely filling the stadium with their soulful voices.

The concert reached its height with the arrival of 2PM on the stage, as they went on to perform their hit Japanese tracks like “Beautiful” and “Kimi ga Ireba“. JYP Nation’s leader J.Y. Park wrapped up the solo stages with a charisma all his own, proving once again why he’s Asia’s greatest producer and dance singer.

That wasn’t the end there, though, as Jo Kwon and JOO then teamed up to perform a self-composed song by Junsu titled “Hanarete Itemo” while Taecyeon and Yenny performed “After You Left Me” as a duet.

J.Y. Park, Changmin, Taecyeon, and Junho covered the Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” whileChansungWooyoungSeulong, and JB showed off their masculine sides with “Bad Boy Good Boy“.

Everyone in the audience sang along in Korean for the entire three hour long concert!

JYP Entertainment stated, “All of the artists of JYP Entertainment would like to send their utmost gratification at the love and support sent by their fans at the Japanese JYP Nation concert. It was a blissful time for all of the artists to be gathered together, and definitely a meaningful one for them to have met with 36,000 fans. We would like to thank everyone once again.”


That’s all for JYP Nation, I will post about JYP Nation artist later on other post. And later I also will post about SM Town and YG Family. Hope you enjoy read my post~^^ Thank you 🙂

source : google

Warm Hug -Sheli^^

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