Asian On Air Program

THIS fro who like photo/video and wants to go to korea!


1. [Contest Agency]
A. Asian On Air Program (‘contest’ hereafter) is organized by Korea Tourism Organization and Korean Air (‘host’ hereafter).
• The Korea Tourism Organization (‘KTO’ hereafter): Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters. Cheonggyecheon-ro 40. Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 100-180
• Korean Air: Korean Air Headquarter. 1370, Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea, 157-712

2. [Participant Requirements]
A. Applicants must be a legal resident from Asian countries.
B. Applicants who are underage according to the law of their countries must have permission from their parents or legal guardians to participate in the contest.
C. Companies, other organizations or groups are not allowed to participate in the contest.

3. [Contest Application]
A. Application need to be made through the contest’s official websites. Each applicant is allowed to submit one entry only.
B. The application period for the contest is September 10, 2012 ~ September 23, 2012 (Korea Time)
C. The host gathers personal information, such as, first and last names, addresses and email addresses that have been submitted as part of the contest application.
D. The host reserves the right to disclose submitted content and relevant information on the contest’s official websites.
E. The host is not responsible for any unauthorized usage of the item or unofficial downloads from the contest website.
F. The host reserves the right at its sole discretion to limit and refuse entry with or without explanation and to remove any submissions on the contest’s official websites or winners at any time, for example:
i. Applicant knowingly submits incorrect or misleading information;
ii. Applicant failed to pass through Korean immigration;
iii. Ideas that contain inappropriate language or sensitive content, are unsafe, or that are irrelevant.

4. [Personal Information]
A. The host shares all the information given by the applicant to participate in this contest. The applicants must agree to this clause of the “Terms and Conditions” to apply for this contest.
B. No personal information collected through the contest will be released to other people and organizations.
C. The host may request additional information during the contest period if required.
5. [Technical and Creative Requests]
A. Submitted contents should not infringe on any kind of intellectual property rights, including portrait rights of a third party, copyright, or neighboring rights of copyright.
B. In case of legal dispute on a submission, the applicant is legally responsible.
C. Content that fails to meet the above standards may be deleted, and applicants may be excluded from the list without prior notice.

6. [Screening and the Online Vote]
A. 20 winners will be selected based on the host’s screening criteria at the end of the application period.
B. The host will select the judges and do the selecting.
C. Applicants who perform the following missions will get additional points.
i. Refer to the contest on their blogs or SNS sites.
ii. Be a fan of the host’s SNS sites.
D. Applicants who have submitted content deviating from the original purpose of this event or having copyright issues, as well as people who are not allowed to travel in Korea, may not be selected.
E. Selecting criteria and scores will not be published.
F. The host reserves the final right to the result of the contest.

7. [Winners Selection and the Asian On Air Program]
Winners will be notified by e-mail.
The winners list will also be posted on the contest website.
A. The host will only provide air tickets to Korea (round-trip, economy class), designated accommodation, cover the transportation fee during the tour and three meals per day during the Asian On Air Program. Winners are required to settle all incidental and personal expenses, for example, transportation to winner’s local airport, minibar, alcoholic drinks, IDD, overseas mobile data, personal shopping items, etc.
B. Winners are required to confirm that they will visit Korea within two days after the winners have been announcement.
C. Winners who require a visa to visit Korea are responsible for the application and related fees. The fuel surcharge and tax for the round trip air tickets will be covered by the host.
D. Benefits for the winners cannot be substituted for cash.
E. The winner may be disqualified in the following cases, and the host may choose another winner from other participants entered in the contest.
i. No reply within 2 days of the announcement of the winners
ii. Winner fails to get a visa for visiting Korea
iii. Winner fails to visit Korea within the period designated by the host
F. The host may film the tour of the winner during his or her stay in Korea with prior consent.
i. The host may use the video for marketing purposes in the future. The video will also be posted on the host-related channels.
ii. The host reserves all rights over the filmed video and the usage of it.
G. The host will not be held responsible for any accidents, illnesses, or financial loss caused by the winner’s negligence or carelessness.

8. [Information Protection]
The host will use the personal information collected for the contest only for the winner selection process.

9. [Regulations on Disputes Regarding the Contest]
Any disputes regarding this contest (disputes, arguments, or policies) will be settled based on the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea. Disputes will be settled with mediation between parties through consultation. The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (located in Seoul) will arbitrate the dispute if the dispute is not settled.

10. [Contact Info]
All questions regarding this contest will be answered by the host.
For inquiries, please contact
i. Korea Tourism Organization [] OR
ii. Korean Air []

11. [Rights on Terms and Conditions]
The host may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

buzz KOREA invites buzz KOREA members to ASIAN ON AIR PROGRAM



source : Asian On Air Program facebook,


hope you win ^^


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