15&, new group from JYP Entertainment.

This group consists of Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin. If you follow the event ‘Kpop Star’ then you would know that Park Ji Min is the winner of ‘Kpop Star’. While Baek, Ye Rin was a trainee from JYP Entertainment.

They’ve already make they own debut by issued an MV on October 4, 2012. MV is titled I Dream

Park Ji Min

Baek Ye Rin

Lets see they MV!

What you think about the MV and they voice??

when I saw this I felt this mv is unique. for taking pictures of the two different sides. from JiMin side and from YeRin side. and in the end both sides were merged into one.

and when I hear they voice i just can say “WHOA~”. they voice is really good. i like both.

they are only 15 years old but already has a voice like that.

I hope they can survive in the music world. and can continue to grow. at the age they are still 15 years I think it would be difficult to be in the music world, but if they always try and do they have a talent they would have success.

all lovers of JYP Entertainment, I hope you give them a warm welcome. their new family JYP Entertainment ^ ^



Rookie duo 15& debuts with “I Dream” on ‘Inkigayo’!


Collecting attention with their teaser site and various forms of teasers, 15& (‘Fifteen And’) has finally brought out their debut performance with “I Dream“!

Made of up ‘K-Pop Star‘ winner Park Ji Min and JYP Entertainment‘s “genius girl” trainee Baek Ye Rinthe duo shows much promise of becoming a new powerful vocal power in the Korean music industry.

Check out the duo’s powerful performance below!





source : youtube, allkpop

warm hug -Sheli ^^


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