U-KISS ‘Stop Girl’ M/V


Did you know that u kiss consisting in 7 people have released a new MV titled STOP GIRL ?

This time I will share my opinion about the MV.

maybe its too late, but I still want to shared~

u kiss consisting of 7 people this time appear only in the formation of 6 people.

This is because one of the members, AJ, should go to school and cant join u kiss for awhile.

Although there was less with u kiss with the formation of 6 people, but I think u kiss can still perform optimally.

For that you have to see they MV first  ^^

Stop Girl MV has 2 version. Black&White and Color version.

Check both below ^^





now now now~~ what you think about this MV??

well.., this what i think..

  • I like when they say “STOP GIRL, in the name of love~” I think the tone of the piece is very easy to remember, and is the main point of the song STOP GIRL.
  • Other than that the movement was a movement on the reff, kiseop, and kevin part that I liked most. Movement showed their bodies so pliable. overall I think the dance for this song is quite unique and interesting to learn.

Reff part

Kiseop part

Kevin part

  • Then, I think they look more mature in this video. As part of each member raises, while they dance together with female dancers, and they are also have more mature sound. Especially when Dongho doing rap. His voice is different, heavier sound. Soohyun and Dongho part i like most. When Soohyun sing “Kkumeun anilkkeoya I know your love isn’t real~~~”. uwoh like that. and when Dongho rap.

Soohyun part

Dongho part

  • But, i really dont like dongho hair. just when he has half long hair and use cap. like photo dongho part.


Well… thats all of my opinions about STOP GIRL MV. please support them Kiss Me~ ^^




source : youtube

please leave some comment~

warm hug -Sheli ^^


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