Another kpop concert in Indonesia~

Beastly idol 2PM prepared a concert in Jakarta back in the touring ‘WHAT TIME ISIT 2PM TOUR LIVE IN JAKARTA’.

No different from last year’s concert, ticket prices sold from Rp 500 thousand.

Here are details of ticket prices :

– DIAMOND : Rp 2 million
– GOLD : Rp 1,25 million
– FESTIVAL : Rp 1 million
– SILVER : Rp 750 thousand
– BRONZE : IDR 500 thousand


Seatplan :


Tickets will go on sale on October 27, 2012 at 10:00 AM in Bibli.com and Indomaret minimarket outlets.

The concert was held at Meis time Ancol on December 8, 2012. the promoter are Marygops Studios (@ marygopsstudios), Asiatop.ent (@ AsiaTopent), and Entourage Ent (@ Entourage_ID).

What is special about this time of the concert is Indonesia into second place visited from this tour, and Nichkhun will participate in this concert after the hiatus!


well.. hope you guys will watch the concert in your own country. and lets welcome Nichkhun Together 😀


warm hug -Sheli



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