2PM Photo Teaser

So, after reveals Taecyeon, Chansung, Jun.K, Wooyoung, and Junho, the last one JYPe reveals Nichkhun teaser photo for upcoming concert! ^^

D-11 reveals Taecyeon photo

Embedded image permalink


D-10 reveals Chansung photo

Embedded image permalink


D-9 reveals Jun.K photo

Embedded image permalink


D-8 reveals Wooyoung photo

Embedded image permalink


D-7 reveals Junho photo

Embedded image permalink


D-6 reveals Nichkhun photo

Embedded image permalink



Why D- ? Yes, because they will hold a world tour! Which began on 17 November in Shanghai. Followed by Indonesia on December 8. Ahead of the concert, JYPe released a teaser photo for the upcoming concert. From the teaser photos we can guess or think about the concept of their upcoming concert. I own guess they will be more futuristic and concepts will different with Hands Up.

At this time I am sure the concert was different. Yes, Hottest wait for the arrival of Nichkhun! After a hiatus for nearly 4 months, Nichkhun finally able to re-appear with the other 2PM members. 2PM finally appears complete sixes. I’m so happy :”)

If you don’t know why Nichkhun hiatus, this is the reason




so guys what you think about they teaser photos and they upcoming concert??? just share your opinion ^^



source : JYPnation twitter

warm hug -Sheli^^


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