2PM Global World Tour 2012

Yeah! At last 2PM start they global world tour again!

Starting with a concert in Shanghai on November 17, 2012.

2PM makes Hottest crazy~

Old songs and new songs sung by the new concept made ​​8000 Hottest in the Mercedes-Benz Arena had a wonderful evening.

2PM performed with excellent appearance and fresh! They also grateful through song and video Thank You for Hottest. To be honest, I’m as Hottest compassionate  and can’t wait for them to come to Indonesia.

But unfortunately before the concert begins Junho suffered a back injury. Junho injured his back while doing rehearsal. Hottest get panicked and scared Junho couldn’t attend the concert. But Junho still want to entertain Hottest and don’t want  Hottest get disappoint. Fortunately Junho can still perform well ^ ^

At concert time, 2PM also prepared a solo stage each member.

Wooyoung performed with the song Sexy Lady, Jun.K with Just one Night, Junho with Just a feeling, Taecyeon with It’s Time, Nichkhun with Let it Rain, and Chansung with Love you down.

2PM also performed a few songs playing like I’ll be back remix and Don’t Stop Can’t Stop rock version.

I have some fancam you can watch below ^^

Intro :


Intro talk :


Wooyoung Solo :


DJ Taecyeon :


Jun.K :


Chansung :


Junho :


Nichkhun :


Don’t Stop Can’t Stop


I also have some photos ^^

I also have 2PM “What Time Is It” Shanghai concert ღ
Performance Tracklist :

1) I’ll Be Back
2) I was Crazy about you
3) I Hate You
4) Introduction
5) Give It To Me
6) Even if you leave me
7) Chansung’s solo – Love U Down
8) Junho’s solo – Just A Feeling
9) Heartbeat
10) Again and again
11) Back 2 U
12) Wooyoung’s Solo – Sexy Lady
13) Taecyeon’s solo It’s time
11) Talk 2 + Jun.K singing 我的歌声里 Short Version
15) Without U
16) Don’t stop can’t stop
17) VCR 1 – Only You ღ Thank You background music
18) I Can’t
19) Only You
20) I don’t know
21) Khun’s solo – Let It Rain
22) Jun.K’s solo Just One Night
23) Like A Movie – Piano version
24) Talk 3
25) HOT
26) Hands Up
27) 10/10
28) VCR 2
29) Risk my life
30) Ending Talk

ENCORE: Gayo Daejun PERF

31) I’ll Be Back [Rock Ver]
32) Hands up [Lazer Ver]


This.. I have some news from allkpop 🙂


2PM gifts a letter to Hottests during their Shanghai concert

2PM saluted the dedication of their fans with a special video that was aired during their Shanghai concert yesterday.

Filmed to express their appreciation for Hottests who had stuck with the group through thick and thin, the film aroused emotions in the packed stadium, with cheers erupting from the audience as the video letter was revealed.

The letter shows the 2PM members celebrating their success and the bond crafted between themselves and their fanclub, simply ending with “for Hottest”.

2PM’s Nichkhun performs his self-composed song, “Let It Rain”, at Shanghai concert

At yesterday’s successful concert held in Shanghai, 2PM‘s Nichkhun held the world premiere performance of his self-composed track, titled “Let It Rain”.

Performing flawlessly on the piano, Nichkhun proved that he was more than a pretty face as he showcased his much-improved vocals with the sweet ballad-like English track. As a gift to 2PM’s fans, the lyrics are meant as a salute to their never-ending devotion to each other.




well~ hope Junho gets better soon^^ and I reaaaaallllyyyyy can’t wait until they come to Indonesia T^T

I hope I can get they flower or polaroid :”)

wish me luck \^^/


source : SoraSuChanTaec0904’s channel, 2PM facebook, 2PM’s channel, allkpop, 2PMalways

warm hug -Sheli


3 thoughts on “2PM Global World Tour 2012

  1. so it’s d-13. say my love from ne to nichkhun! :*

  2. so it’s d-13. say my love from me to nichkhun! :*

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