Meet Nichan Horvejkul ^^

Unexpectedly, today, December 2, 2012, I could see Nichan ~!
Fyi, Nichan is the brother of  Nichkhun 2PM. HVJ fam.

Today, in Jakarta, precisely in Kemang, there was a show called 2PMeisBack Party. In the event the Hottest and the fans Nichan games together and there is also a talk show. Games where the prize 2PM concert tickets and hi5, also a CD from Nichan already signed.

When the talk show with Nichan gets started, the fans in an uproar. Excitement was increased when Nichan come. Nichan so friendly and nice. He did not stop smiling =]
There are some fans who are lucky to get a hug, and a CD with Nichan autograph, and can  take a photos with Nichan. So lucky. Happy for them~ kekeke~

Nichan looks so neat, relaxed, and handsome. From the side looks a lot like Nichkhun. > <
Nichan themselves are not afraid to be close to the fans. He just wanted to be close to the fans.
Nichan admits he’s very supportive of 2PM concert in Indonesia, he asked the Hottest for always support 2PM and also him.

Unfortunately, I’m out of luck. I did not get a ticket hi5, also can’t play games together with Nichan. But I’m quite satisfied that I could meet with Nichan, and I could see the other Hottest> <

In the party, there was also flashmob from Hottest to 2PM, talkshow with 2PM concert promoters, one of which is the Korean people, and there is also a notification for the project from Hottest to 2PM fitting recitals. ^ ^
Hopefully 2PM Hottest Indonesia could see the spirit!

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Foto by : SheliErika

note : please take credit if you want to share to another blog, twitter, facebook, etc.

Warm hug -Sheli-


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