U-Kiss finally ready to greet KissMe Indonesia!

Held a successful concert tour around Japan and South America, UKISS not forgetting  fans in Indonesia. UKISS Indonesia ready to greet fans in a series of events entitled ‘UKISS Showcase & Fan Party 2013’ in Jakarta, February 2, 2013.
Located at the Tennis Indoor Senayan, UKISS will feature about 10 songs hits them, interspersed with talk sessions and games with prizes sessions hugs and kisses to Kiss Me (call for fans UKISS). To treat fans longing and gratitude for the support of non-stop, UKISS will also hold a session ‘hug’, ‘fansigning’ and ‘high five’ which was separate from the showcase. This session will record UKISS as the first K-pop artist do the ‘free hug session’ in Indonesia.

Especially for first appearance in Jakarta, UKISS will appear complete with 7 members. AJ, a member who was a vacuum to study at Columbia University, America will be a special present to fans in Indonesia.

Oppa Oppa Live as the organizers explained that a series of events is done to ensure that every fans can be happy and get closer to his idol. That’s why the concept of the show has to offer will be different from other fan meeting. But do not worry because the price of tickets on offer will remain affordable for fans.

Ready to party with UKISS? More detailed information about ticket prices and benefits are to be released in the near future.

More information can be found at, twitter and facebook fanpage @ oppaoppa_live oppaoppalive.


POSTER ukiss


Vid greeting :



aaaaaahhh I really want to go to the fanparty.. but i think i dont have enough money……. someone give me some money please T_____T I really want to meet them, especially Kiseop… aaaahh what should I do T___T This is too sudden………….

hiks just hope I can meet them and get hug T^T



source : koreanindo

warm hug -Sheli-


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