TS Entertainment updates fans on SECRET’s condition

Although Zinger is the one that suffered the most serious injury from SECRET‘s car accident, it has been revealed that the other members, who have all been released from the hospital, will still be undergoing consistent check ups.

TS Entertainment updated fans on the 12th about the condition of the members: “Sunhwa, Ji Eun, and Hyosung were all confirmed to have no serious injuries in their additional checkup. The accident happened only just recently, so they haven’t mentioned any other injuries other than the scrapes and bruises. However, since car accidents can have after shocks, they will be treated regularly at hospitals for a while until they are fully healed.

Hyosung currently has a half-cast on her left foot. She had suffered an injury on the same left leg due to a prior knee injury, and she felt pain again after the accident. Sunhwa has injuries on her face, and Ji Eun also has bruises on her legs and will be treated continuously.

Zinger will need 2-4 weeks for full recovery because of her cracked rib and bruised lung. However, both injuries are said to be on the light side, and an additional check-up showed no other serious injuries. The label commented, “Since Zinger is in the hospital, she will get continuous treatment at the hospital. The other members will be visiting regularly to heal their injuries.

source : allkpop


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