Music Bank Live in Jakarta

Guess what.. another KPOP Concert will be held in Jakarta. And this is BIG.

Well, from the title you probably already know. Yes, Music Bank will be performing LIVE in Jakarta. Promoted by Asia Top Entertainment and Supported by Marygops Studios




Music Bank or commonly called Mubank (at my place, but I don’t know where else it is called) is a music event. Ordinary featuring artists who are making a comeback stage. But if there’s a tour, usually Mubank featuring artists who are much in demand.

Music Bank will be held on March 9, 2012 at the Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. The concert which will take approximately 3 hours will be attended by 8 Kpop artists.
8 artists are:
1.Super Junior
6.Teen Top
Not only Kpop artists, but will also be enlivened by some Indonesian artists and MCs from Indonesia. Music Bank will also be broadcast in 72 countries and certainly in one of the local TV channel.


Seat plan and ticket prices are announced on December 19. While you can buy the ticket start from December 20, 2012 by Pre-booking.


Pre-Booking Ticket Information

20 to 25 December 2012:
Registration pre-booking tickets through the site

* after the registration of pre-booking tickets, will be sent a confirmation email

December 26, 2012 – 3 January 2013:
Purchase pre-booking tickets through the site Dmarket

Ticket Price :
– Diamond = Rp 2.000.000
– Gold = Rp 1.250.000
– Festival = Rp 900.000
– Silver = Rp 750.000
– Bronze = Rp 500.000

Seat Plan :


Official Video of Music Bank Jakarta (HD)

source : AsiaTopEnt


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