INFINITE H is a sub-unit of the boyband group INFINITE. Name taken from INFINITE INFINITE H HIP HOP, because sub unit consists of Dongwoo and Hoya who is the rapper of INFINITE. They debuted as a sub-unit on January 10, 2013 by issuing a Special Girls MV and did showcase.

INFINITE H also release a mini-album titled FLY HIGH. In FLY HIGH album has 5 tracks.


Track List:
01. Victorious Way
02. Special Girl (feat. Bumkey)
03. 니가 없을 때 (feat. Zion.T)
04. 못해 (feat. 개코 Of Dynamic Duo)
05. Fly High (feat. 베이비 소울)

But in this album, none of the members of INFINITE H who created the lyrics or the song itself. INFINITE H only receive assistance from other professional musicians. Why? Here’s the reason.

In this case, Dongwoo said, “We have some songs we wrote lyrics to be displayed in a special concert or concert late, but this album is different. We might be able to write the lyrics to a few songs for our next album. ”

Regarding the reason why they only accept help from a professional musician than making music with their own style, Hoya said, “Because this is our first album, we are very concerned about it. We’ve actually been preparing this (debut) for a long time, wrote some songs, but we thought it would be more important to give people good music. We try not to expect too much from the first time. ”

The album was produced by Primary, and some of the popular hip-hop artists such as Gaeko of Dynamic Duo, R & B singer Zion. T, and Baby Soul participate in this album.

Well .. What should we discuss first? Maybe MVnya first. But you have to see it first.



Actually I really like this MV, in addition to a good song to listen to, the MV is also showing how smart Dongwoo and Hoya in doing rap and dance. They also look very handsome, right? haha

Part of this song that I liked most was the reff. The reff is very pleasing to the ear and is very easy to memorize. besides fitting dance reff is also quite easy. Besides that I also love when the “Cause you’re my special~ special~ special special special girl ~”

MV part I liked the most :







I guess that almost all parts of the MV haha..

After MV, what if we look at the showcase INFINITE H? No need to discuss much I guess, since this showcase is fully supported by the other members INFINITE. Sunggyu and Woohyun as MC, while L, Sungjong, and Sungyeol watch the showcase. In this showcase, INFINITE H sing all the songs from their mini-album. And the songs that I liked most is Victorious Way >< Aaaahhh! the song is really cool. I actually like all the songs, is no exception .. Hahaha .. Let’s look at the tape showcase INFINITE H, taken from LEON TV youtube channel 🙂 Thanks LOEN ^^



source : wooliment channel, LOEN channel, Koreanindo

That’s all guys. Happy reading and happy watching^^

Warm hug -Sheli-


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