Well … lately I’m so crazy about Boyfriend, a South Korean boyband. Because the songs are catchy and easy to remember, so I love hearing continues. and finally I was like. Especially the song Janus and I Yeah.

Janus songs I like because the dance was cool and have catchy song. In addition, Janus also like other songs that I like, that It’s War-MBLAQ. The clothes in Janus also nice, like clothes in BTD-Infinite. But still, even though similar but would be different if people who take different.

While Iyah, I like the music is memorable, and the dance was good.

Well, what if I now introduce each member of Boyfriend?

Boyfriend (Korean: 보이 프렌드) is a South Korean boyband music group under Starship Entertainment, which was formed in 2011. Its members consist of Kim Donghyun, Shim Hyunseong, Lee Jeongmin, Jo Youngmin, Jo Kwangmin and No Minwoo. The group has released three solo albums Korea. They debuted on Mnet M! Countdown on May 26, 2011 with their debut single “Boyfriend”. Fans they are officially named “Best Friend” on August 10, 2011.






jotwin1 jotwin2





And my favorite member is NO MIN WOO \^ o ^/ yeaaayy ~ He’s very handsome (I think), his rap is cool  and the dance also cool><

But I was shocked, because Min Woo is only 2 months older than me. Haha

tumblr_mhhx3kux9l1s1uw0yo1_500_large tumblr_mhjt25Xlz11s1uw0yo1_500_large tumblr_mhm484T3jW1r7oab7o1_500_large tumblr_mho1fbsZ8l1rrk0a4o1_500_large tumblr_mho4jesEjh1ru6alqo1_500_large tumblr_mhseu9Liio1rta0oho1_500_large tumblr_mhu1j6UdYH1r7oab7o1_500_large



And this, some video appearances Boyfriend :


source : google

watm hug -Sheli-



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