Music Bank Live in Jakarta 2013

Finally, reached on March 9, 2013. Music Bank Live in Jakarta.
The concert is a nice thought, but it still has shortcomings. Especially the stage and screen. The screen had several dead, while the stage can ride down was jammed. SHINee so that it does not use it. But for the overall good.
The artist also did a lot of fan service, and displays maximum performance. For MC is good, no MC from Indonesia and Korea.




Before the concert began, the organizers could play  MV Mubank artists, and the fans are screaming first.
The concert opened with a traditional Indonesian dance performance, followed by the emergence of the artist. Suddenly the atmosphere became excited. After all emerging artists, comes two woman to join the MC Kyuhyun and Taecyeon as MC.
The first appearance is TeenTop. They dance with energetic. But the screen was dead, so they look to be repeated. I actually feel too sad because they were already pretty tired and hot. They got wet with sweat. They had time to greet the audience
1. teentop
The second look is a Sistar. They are very pretty and sexy><. They sing the song Alone and Holiday foursome. Then Sistar19 sang Gone Not Around Any Longer. They had time to greet the audience as well.
2. sistar
The third look is Eru. Eru greet her fans with a ballad. then closes with an energetic song Insomnia. Eru also had said that Indonesia has been like home to him.
3. eru
After Eru singing, there was a special stage first. Hyorin Sistar ft Eru. Will sing a song in Indonesian language, called Intimacy. Old song from Indonesia. I said they were very good at singing. Indonesian language was smooth and clear. They must exercise hard: ‘)
Next appearance is INFINITE!!! Yeay! Look I’ve been waiting. They are very energetic, and friendly when greeting fans. And of course they are very cute and handsome. I finally get to see Infinite Scorpion Dance>< But I’m sad why no appearance subunit Infinite. And I look forward to Infinite H. I really want to see Infinite H sing Without You. So, for Infinite, you have to have a solo concert in Indonesia soon! Inspirit really waiting for that!!
4. Infinite a
4. Infinite
After Infinite, time performing artist from Indonesia. That Afgan! Afgan appear no less energetic with other artists. He said he was very happy to be performing in the show Music Bank. And he could take a photo with the audience from the stage.
5. Afgan
After Afgan, time KPOP Drama Indonesia. Here the intention is, drama KPOP famous in Indonesia. As BBF, Full House, and Dream High. There Soyu sang ost Full House ost Dreamhigh Woohyun sang, and sang ost BBF SHINee.
6. Shinee Stand by me
And next is BEAST! They performed the song Beautiful Night, Fiction, and Shock. This is their second appearance in Indonesia, because previously they had held a solo concert in Indonesia on March 17, 2012.
7. Beast
The second Special Stage was ft S4 TeenTop. Initially they had danced together, then stayed on stage S4 TeenTop singing in Korean. After that TeenTop returned to the stage to sing songs in Indonesian S4! I think S4 should be taken into account in the world of Indonesian music, because they have the talent. And TeenTop sang fluently in Indonesian language!
8. S4 ft Teentop
And performing SHINee, the highly anticipated solo concert in Indonesia. SHINee performed very good, and the fans screamed very loudly. For SWC2 INA. Fans really want SHINee come solo concert in Indonesia. Therefore allout fans singing along with SHINee.
9. Shinee
Not just end there, exhausted SHINee appeared, the group performed the most HOT and favorites. 2PM Yeay! They do a lot of fanservice, and always be the most HOT. But unfortunately, a lot less HOTTEST coming. Perhaps because there is repetition, or because 2PM just came last December. But still the coolest 2PM. And they returned to sing songs in Indonesia who had previously sung in concert.
10. 2PM a
10. 2PM b
10. 2PM
And the last performance is SUPER JUNIOR! Its always there everywhere fans. Yesterday I think the most present in MusicBank are fans of Super Junior, ELF. ELF makes the ocean blue in GBK yesterday. Yes, next to me even ELF. I’m sad, because I have no friends Hottest next to me yesterday. Everyone ELF and Shawol. So when I was just excited 2PM appearance alone. But finally, I get to see Super Junior as well. After their fourth visit, I was finally able to see them directly. Yes, even though Super Junior is not the main idol to me, but I still like it, especially Kyuhyun ^^. Kyu is very handsome and cute. When become MC, Kyu could speak the Indonesian language, dance Alone – Sistar, and he’s very cute when he was confused because he doesn’t understand English, so Taecyeon must interpret.
11. Suju a 11. suju b
11. suju eun
11. suju kyu
11. Suju
Finally, the event is over. All the artists saluted goodbye to the fans. And all artists could give fanservice to fans. And there are some artists who regards himself as 2PM and Super Junior.

Well, happy watching some of my favorite artists in one concert. Hopefully they will return to Indonesia with their respective solo concerts and family concert.
Please SHINee World Concert, JYPNATION, INFINITE, 2PM!!

Thanks to them, because it would appear this summer in Indonesia. Enjoy Indonesia. I love you guys, we love you. And we love KPOP ^^


warm hug -Sheli


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