Let me discuss about 15 & first. Because 15 and made ​​his comeback to first disbandingkan Jay Park. Maybe they met at the backstage. But what I want is of course Jay Park met with 2PM. T_T
Okay. Back to the initial topic.
15& is a duo group. Previously I’ve had time to talk about 15&


They debuted by revealed a single titled ‘I Dream‘. The song is arguably less exploded in the market. Though I think the song I Dream is a very good song, which tells the story of a dream realized.
This time, on 7 April 2013, they launched a new single titled Somebody.



Have you seen their MV?

If not, you can see below:


15& this time comeback with more fresh song. With MV that can make the viewer laugh. They made ​​a parody of the show KPOP STAR. Yes indeed, Park Jimin was the winner of the KPOP STAR. In the MV, you can also find J.Y. Park and Baek A Yeon.

Somebody song is very good at hearing. And the words of  ‘somebody to love‘ who repeatedly makes this song memorable. They also sang it well with a very good sound. In contrast to I Dream, this song has a dance. Unique dances. That I was a little unsure of this dance idea of J.Y. Park. When I watched it, I thought “this is really JYP style -.-” Hahaha.


And the good news is that this song appears, the song debuted at ‘all-kill’. A success that they ultimately achieve. But I hope they can come back with a song more interesting. And can be more successful ^^



source : JYP Entertainment Youtube Channel 

Warm Hug -Sheli-


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