Ailee In Jakarta

You know Ailee?? She is a singer who debuted through the drama DreamHigh2. She has a soft, high, and very nicevoice . Ailee is also proficient in English because she had lived in the United States. He was debuted on February 6, 2012 by released Heaven.

Ailee recently visited Indonesia for a special performance at the ERU CONCERT WITH KPOP with Shorry J, and Baechigi. And I had the opportunity to see Ailee!!!!! Aaaahh!! Really waiting for this! I’ve liked from the beginning with Ailee, especially after she released the song Heaven.

At the concert Eru, Ailee singing Heaven, I Will Show You, and Shower of Tears ft. Baechigi. And her appearance VERY COOL! Ailee is very friendly and looks funny when greeting fans. And she also looks so pretty and sweet. ^^ I apologize for another artist, because my main goal is to meet Ailee not others. Hehehe. And thanks to Eru that already brings Ailee ~


However, unfortunately, in this concert stage is not good, the camera used is also less likely to have good quality, and the sound system is bad. band sound louder than the sound of the mic, so the singer’s voice is often not heard. I think this is not comparable with the performance artist. But comparable with the tickets, because the tickets are very cheap and even handed out free. And I got the free one~


I have some photos Ailee, and Baechigi. Also fancam I Will Show You. But first I’m sorry for the voice in the recording is not good, and the recording a little shaky.










Warm Hug -Sheli-


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