Finally, 2PM Comeback!


YEAH I have been waiting for a long time. 2PM’s comeback! Finally after 2 years, 2PM released the album Korea. With a more sexy image and mature, again addressed the HOTTEST 2PM.
2PM officially returned on May 11, 2013. But on May 5, 2013, 2PM has previously issued a MV titled 이 노래 를 듣고 돌아와 (Comeback When You Hear This Song), and digital albums. However, on that date there was one song that still has not been officially released. Well, it was not until 11 MV 2PM released the song with a complementary, and arguably the most eagerly awaited. The MV titled All Day Think Of You.


Let’s first look at MV. Comeback When You Hear This Song. 2PM member had said that this song is for the HOTTEST. Who has been waiting for 2PM for 2 years, and for those who can go back again. The song is pretty good at hearing. And has a very different concept with Hands Up. 2PM Hands UP look at the happy and free dance. But in this dance song more clearly visible. The same is the speaker. Hahaha.
In this MV 2PM seems to have learned a lot about love. They become very mature. Like Chansung, the youngest but very mature.
If heard, their voice has changed and for the better. Much better.








Go to the second MV. All Day Think Of You. Yes, 2PM was obvious that the very thought of someone . The MV is very sexy. 2PM looks very sexy. After 2 years, 2PM grow to be very sexy. But I’m sad because when viewed from the MV Japan and Korea, Taecyeon never again show its muscle. And I’m sure all miss it. But everyone still love 2PM. And of course I am. Hahaha. In this music video you can also see that sexy ass 2PM. Which was not only Junho, but all the members have a sexy ass. Hahaha. The song is also very good. There is a high part is sung Junho and Nichkhun. Also part of the chorus. That very pleasant to hear.







capture-20130513-151003The clock also 2PM! Hahaha :3

But, you guys realize, Hottest and Jwalkerz? That 2PM and Jay have similarities in their comeback???
On Joah MV, Jay sits on the stairs in front of a building.
On Welcome MV, the concept is more sexy and Jay has a scene with sexy women.
On Comeback When You Hear This Song MV, they sit in front of the stairs Legend Building.
On ADTOY MV, the concept is also more sexy and there’s a scene with sexy women.




Yes, they are meant to be together and have a resemblance to each other. Complementary. Hihihi.


Have you already listen to the whole song of 2PM album? Do you bought it officially? Remember do not buy pirated. ^ ^
My favorite song is 오늘 부터 1 일 and Love Song. The song is very very good. The one with the cheery melodious trumpet. And the tone of the song with the high chorus in part. Very cool. You shall hear. I hope you can be welcomed back 2PM warmly. ^ ^



2PM’s comeback looks like it is already set up with very mature. Through events 2PM Return on MBC, a large concert in June, Mini Concerts in Gangnam, music events, Hello, Dream Team 2, Starking, Radio Star, and others.

What you’ve seen the video of 2PM Return? You can see the video by click the photo below ^^. And guess what, when I look at the calendar, there is a Japanese promotional writing, and asia tour in Jakarta. JAKARTA! And if I’m not mistaken, there are 5 days that are purple with writing Asia Tour in Jakarta. From the date of 9 until 15. I just do not know what month. Also mentioned in the video there is the state of Singapore. Well, it seems the Hottest pocket should prepare for 2PM. I had to come! AAA><LOL



source : jypnation, jypentertainment youtube channel, twitter, KpopStreamMBCclips2, Jesii hdez, ObsessionMUSICify

Don’t forget to keep watch their MV, and vote them!

Please! Support 2PM! ^^

Thx~ Warm Hug -Sheli-


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