Man In Love Japan Version

Sorry for the late update. Im so lazy to open my laptop and update my blog. Hehe.
Im sure you guys already know about INFINITE MAN IN LOVE Japan Version right?
They’ve even planned the world tour.
Because I’m going to discuss about the Man In Love MV Japan Version, I hope you watch it before reading the review ^^.

Well. In this MV, I do not think it looks as good as the Korean Version. Although overall the same song, just different language. But in this Japan version MV , a feeling of falling in love is not so visible. Unlike the Korean version, which looks so cheerful, bright, and happy because of love.

Moreover,  many dance in Japan version MV  that does not look so compact. Unlike the Korean version is so compact. All the same motion, finding little different movements between members. And I hope this version MV Japan could be great.

capture-20130611-175145 capture-20130611-175246 capture-20130611-175312

capture-20130611-175548 capture-20130611-175608

capture-20130611-175934 capture-20130611-175945 capture-20130611-175956

There are several scenes that just like Korean Version, just different members.

Both kissing teddy bear.


Hoya sat on the steps for both MV.


Then, whether by knocking the mailbox, you will know that there was a letter in it?? LOL


But I still love this MV 
Well, congrats for INFINITE. Congratulations to start a world tour ^ ^ fighting!


source : woolliment channel

warm hug -Sheli-


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