Give It To Me


A few weeks, a lot of idol making a comeback. Right? And this time Sistar. Sistar back by releasing an album Give it to me, and MV Give it to me. You know it already right??

The MV was very nice and sexy! In this MV they look like there on broadway or opera. Classic style. But I like it. The song is very good. Easy to remember. Although not easy to follow. Haha.


SISTAR(씨스타) – Give It To Me (HD Music Video)

But there is one oddity here. That I can catch. Hyorin clothes look different in the beginning. There are no ornaments like necklace, there is not. LOL


But I really like this song. And all the songs in the album Give It To Me. I can not wait to see them again ^ ^. All of you please anticipated! capture-20130614-143738 Ah ~ I also had to make it. Hihi.



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