Hard work Behind First Love


Have you heard and seen the new MV from After School’s ?

Titled First Love, After School returned with a fresh new look. They display a Pole Dance. All I know, is very difficult to pole dance. And they are a beginner, can do the pole dance very well.
For the song itself. The song is also nice to hear. Makes want to hear again and again.


But for a good achievement, surely there must be a struggle. After School and the struggle to be able to do the pole dance was superb.

The hard work behind the elaborate choreography of After School’s “First Love” MV

While viewers may have enjoyed watching the sophisticated dancing in After School‘s latest MV “First Love,” it did not come without wounds.

Although their hard work may have paid off, the members of After School had to endure some serious pains to perfect the aesthetic choreography.

One of the dance team members for After School shared photos where they were bandaged up and had bruises on their legs. Along with the photo, she tweeted, “Arrived at practice room together with After School ~ During all this time, taping every inch of hand that was injured … Applying pain relief patch on sore and bruised legs … We ended the day with their diligent work ethic today. Now is only the beginning! Everyone hwaiting!”  


source : pledisartist channel , allkpop

After School fighting for your comeback guys! See you in Jakarta 🙂

Warm Hug -Sheli-


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