Girls’ Generation members to sing the national anthem at Dodger Stadium for Dodgers vs. Reds game

This time around, 3 members of Girls’ Generation will grace Dodger Stadium for the LA Dodgers v. Cincinnati Reds game on the 28th.

Girls’ Generation will sing the national anthem for the Korean players, Ryu Hyun Jin of the Dogders and Choo Shin Soo of the Reds, in honor of ‘Korea Day’ that both teams are commemorating. As this special event will be held for ‘Korea Day’, it’s assumed that the girls will be singing the Korean national anthem.


SM Entertainment commented, “This was made possible due to an invitation from the Dodgers… All of the members won’t be able to make it to the event due to their schedules so about 3 members will go.”

Tiffany previously threw the first pitch at Dodger Stadium this past May so fans are anticipating to see which members will be making their way over to the States this time.


source : Allkpop


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