Ivy thinks that J.Y. Park is now a ‘tiger without teeth’?


Ivy previously revealed that recording with J.Y. Park wasn’t easy due to hishalf-air-half-voice technique, but despite this, the songstress shared that the music mogul has become a lot more easygoing than he was 8 years ago – at least in her own experience.

On the July 3rd broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, the MCs asked, “You reunited with J.Y. Park in the studio in 8 years. There are rumors that you say that he is a ‘tiger without teeth’ now.” Ivy nodded to the rumors and honestly spoke, “Yes, even all of the staff at his agency seem to agree.”


Ivy continued to explain, “I’m not the only who feels this way. So after I received the title track [‘I Dance’] I went to record the song. But J.Y. Park was always usually late by around 15-20 minutes. The reason he was late was because he would be practicing his vocal techniques in the room next door when I’m the one actually recording the song. Then afterwards, he’d come into the studio and talk to me for an hour about the Bible.”

As the set laughed imagining this unfold in their heads, Ivy got down to the point as she explained how different his new attitude is compared to when she used to work with him years back as a rookie.


“However, in the past, he was so scary while recording. He was also so picky to the point that it was really frustrating in the past. He would make me record the same verse hundreds of times. I think he just has a specific thing that he’s listening for so he’s so focused on getting that. But this time around, we just smoothly finished the recording all in one day.”


The MCs joked, “Is it the power of God? It’s like he thinks it’s all in God’s hands?” Composer Kim Hyung Suk who worked with J.Y. Park added to the teasing with, “Whether he does well or not, it’s all in God’s hands”, bringing laughter. However, BMK, another guest on the show, commented that it was most likely due to Ivy having come a long way since her debut days and having grown as a singer.

MC Yoon Jong Shin also added, “I think it might be that in the beginning, he had to coach you and install a vision in you since you were just starting out. But now that you’ve had experience and time has passed, he doesn’t have to do that anymore as he, as well as you yourself, have discovered a distinct charm about your singing.”



source : Allkpop


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