XIA Junsu Reveals Excitement Recording Second Album “Incredible”

XIA Junsu expressed his happiness to be a singer with a message and a photo spread through JYJ’s official LIne account.

He wrote, “I suffer from jetlag after returning from LA to shoot a video clip. I sometimes fall asleep at 9malam or wake up at 6 am .. “and menyemarkan picture of him sitting in a chair with eyes closed, wearing headphones and looks peaceful.

Junsu added, “I live in the recording studio every day, but I’m glad to prepare a second album. I hope this happiness conveyed to all people. ”

CJes as his agency stated, “As a solo album last year, Junsu participated in the production of the album as well. He himself chose the name “Incredible” for this album, which is also the title of the song. ”

Junsu will release his second album on July 15, after previously releasing ’11AM ‘. Attracted attention because of her music videos recorded in a single shot. Junsu will also be touring Asia, ranging from a concert in Thailand on July 20.


Source : soompi


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