Byul Gives Birth to Son, Haha Sheds Tears of Happiness

Byul Gives Birth to Son, Haha Sheds Tears of Happiness


Singer Byul has given birth to a healthy boy!

Her husband, singer and entertainer Haha, let the world know of this joyous event through his personal Twitter account. He wrote, “2013.7.9. am8:15. God’s dream..Dream is…smiling at me right now~^^ I have become a father!!! Filial son Dream, who came out one week earlier than expected.” Haha continued, “My wife Go Eun…this small person gritted her teeth and moaned…You don’t know how much I cried because of her courage and her bravery…Go Eun…Thank You…I love you…”

In another message, Haha also gave his respect to all mothers, as well as his own mother, in the world and his encouragement to other husbands. He urged single men to follow his footsteps and once again expressed his happiness and thankfulness. Currently, congratulatory messages are flooding into Haha’s account, and it seems he is busy trying to reply to them.



source: soompi


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