EXO EXO EXO … EXO everywhere.
As you all know, when I’m gone, a lot of idol making a comeback. Along with that, I was already a multi fandom faithfully adding bias. Hahaha.
The first grup is Exo.
The group consisted of 12 men who were under SM Entertainment. This is arguably the first time I was like, really like, idol under SM Entertainment.

I’m starting like Exo is when they comeback with Wolf. At that time, I still don’t like the song, I also see them too often lipsing. But in a few times I saw one guy that I think is good looking and has a nice voice. My friends who like Exo, constantly show me all about Exo. And when Exo comeback with Growl, I was officially fall in love with them.

I really like them. Especially a guy named Kim Jong Dae or Chen.
Well, how about we start discussing the profile Exo??

EXO ( 엑소 ) is a South Korean boy band formed in 2012 under the management of SM Entertainment . Consists of twelve members , divided into 2 sub- units EXO K ( Korea ) and EXO – M ( Mandarin ) .

End of December 2011, SM Entertainment announced it will form a new boy band group will be split into two groups of Korean and Chinese . Gradually allowed for all members of EXO through a teaser video on the official youtube channel EXO . The first member of EXO named Kai introduced December 22, 2011 . Successively until January 27, 2012 the twelve members of EXO SM Entertainment revealed the teaser video sequence including Lu Han , Tao , Chen , Sehun , Lay , Xiu Min , Baek Hyun , DO , Suho , Kris and Chanyeol .

After launching with 23 member introductions teaser video , on January 30, 2012 EXO released a video prologue titled ” What Is Love ” as well as reveal the distribution of the group , where the members will be the leader Suho for Kris EXO – K and EXO – M lead to . March 8, 2012 EXO release their second prologue entitled ” History ” .

31 March to 1 April 2012 EXO debut with his first music showcase held in Korea and China . In accordance with the motto of the group SM Entertainment stated ” EXO – K and EXO – M are new boy band who will lead the world music industry from now on ! They debuted on the same day and time with the same songs in China and Korea . EXO released a mini album titled ” MAMA ” on April 9, 2012.





Real Name: Kim Joon Myeon 김준면
Stage Name: Suho
Date of birth: May 22nd, 1991
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Height: 176 cm
Blood Type: AB
Skills/Hobby: Acting, Golf


Real Name: Byun Baek Hyun 변백현
Stage Name: Baek Hyun
Date of birth: May 6th, 1992
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 183 cm
Blood Type: B
Skills/Hobby: Aikido, Pianoond



Real Name: Park Chan Yeol 박찬열
Stage Name: Chanyeol
Date of birth: November 27th, 1992
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Height: 187 cm
Blood Type: A
Skills/Hobby: Guitar, Drums, Bass, African Drums, Rapping, Acting



Real Name: Real Name: Do Kyungsoo 도경수
Stage Name: D.O
Date of birth: January 12th, 1993
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 180 cm
Blood Type: B
Skills/Hobby: Singing, Beat boxing



Real Name: Kim Jong In 김종인
Stage Name: Kai
Date of birth: January 14th, 1994
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Height: 182 cm
Blood Type: A
Skills/Hobby: Ballet, Jazz, Hiphop, Popping, Locking dances



Real Name: Oh Sehun 오세훈
Stage Name: Sehun
Date of birth: April 12th, 1994
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Height: 181cm
Blood Type: A
Skills/Hobby: Dancing, Acting



Real Name: Wu Fan 吳凡
Stage Name: Kris
Date of birth: November 6th, 1990
Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Height: 187cm
Blood Type: A
Skills/Hobby: English, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Basketball


Real Name: Name: Kim Min Seok 金珉碩
Stage Name: Xiu Min
Date of birth: March 29th, 1990
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 177cm
Skills/Hobby: Singing, Dance, Taekwondo, fencing, excellent movement skills


Real Name: Lu Han 鹿晗
Stage Name: Luhan
Date of birth: April 20th, 1990
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Height: 176cm
Blood type: O
Skills/Hobby: animation, art, video games, computers, sports, animals, travel, singing.


Real Name: Zhang Yixing 張藝興
Stage Name: Lay
Date of birth: October 7th, 1991
Position: Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist
Hight: 177cm
Skills/Hobby: playing compute games,piano, guitar, dancing, to master the language: Chinese & Korean


Real Name: Kim Jong Dae 金鐘大
Stage Name: Chen
Date of Birth: September 21th, 1992
Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 178 cm
Skills/Hobby: Piano, Singing


Real Name: Huang Zi Tao 黃子韜
Stage Name: Tao
Date of Birth: May 2nd, 1993
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Height: 185cm
Skills/Hobby: Singing, playing basketball, exercising, martial arts, sword dance

After a vacuum for a year, finally Exo comeback with released first album XOXO , the title track Wolf. Unlike the previous song, in Wolf performance, Exo K and EXO M merged into Exo. Similarly with Growl, repackage album from XOXO.

In my opinion, to unify the concept of Exo is a good idea. However with both compassion, stage and performance look fuller and sync. Additionally, EXO K and EXO M will not envy to each other because they become one and the equally famous.



Reportedly, Exo will make a comeback again in November. I hope they comeback with something more interesting.
Exo Fighting!


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