Ahn Jaehyun

Hello again~~ Hehe
Today.. I must take another deeeeeepppp breath… Heeeeeemmmmm…….
Why why why???
Because because because, i put someone again in my ….. bias list.
After Lee Chunhee, Kim Woobin, and Park Hyejin, i put another actor and model in my list.
For you who watch A Man From Another Star, i’m sure you know Cho Songyi brother. Cast by Ahn Jaehyun. YES! AHN JAEHYUN!


Born at 1 July 1987, Ahn Jaehyun has born to became a handsome, cute, tall, but also have eagle eye, and became my future husband after Wooyoung. HAHAHA.
First time Jaehyun capture my heart is, when Jaehyun came to Do Minjun house and talk with Do Minjun. He tried to talk like adult but fail just because of chocolate milk. He just cute.. AAAAHHH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


After that i’m surf internet, looking around about his variety, film, drama, photos, videos, or some information. And jeng jeng~~~ his perfect face and posture just everywhere. Then, i found that he is a finalist of Korea Next Top Model. So i though “Ah.. I’m not doubt it with his handsome face now.” But i’m so sad, because he have less drama and film. But this year, he will take part at Fashion King Movie!! YEAY! Also take part at Drama Series You’re All Surrounded~!


Lets see his profile :

Name : Ahn Jae Hyeon 
Hangeul : 안재현
Born :  1  July  1987 
Occupation : Model, Aktor
Debut : 2009
Agencies :Esteem Model (2009-sekarang), Clumsy Media (2013-sekarang)
High : 188 cm 
Waist circumference : 30 inch  
Shoe: 270 mm
Weight : 67 kg

    Fashion King (2014) – Won-Ho
Wedding Bible (2014)

    You Who Came From the Stars (SBS, 2013) – Cheon Yoon-jae
You’re All Surrounded (2014)

    Roller Coaster2 (2012)
    Lee Soo-Guen & Kim Byung-Man’s High Society (2012~2013)
    Singles’ Trend Maker (2012)
    Korea’s Next Top Model (2012)
    Music Talk Talk Marbling (2013)
    Style Log 2013 (2013)

Model MV
    K.Will – Please Don’t (2012) Please Don’t MV
    Baek A-yeon – Sad Song (2012) Sad Song MV
    Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer (2013) Gone Not Around Any Longer MV

Modeling and Shows
    Seoul Fashion Week (박성철, 최범석, 김선호, 정두영, 김재현, 홍승완)
    Preview in Shanghai (TNGT, EXR)
    Pret-a-porter Busan (한송, 코신사토)
    Korea Fashion Design Contest (최범석)
    Korea Heritage Fashion Show (장광효)


    LG U+
    The Korea Tourist Service
    Hyundai Card SKY VEGA
    Hyundai CAR
    J Accessory


    2013 8th Asian Model Awards Fashion Model Award
    2009 4th Asian Model Awards Rookie Model Award


For last few days, I’m keep looking for fashion show that Jaehyun become the model. I just can make 0 on my mouth LOL. Because he so handsome. For now, he also become a MC at M Countdown Music Show with Joo Junyoung. At first i’m feel sad because there’s no one bring banner ar poster to support Jaehyun. They only support Junyoung. Yea i know Junyoung more popular than Jaehyun, but…. :” Hope people give him more support. Or someday if i can go to M Countdown Music Show, I will bring BBIIIIGGGGG BANNER for him. Hahaha, i hope i can.





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