Tell Me Why

Hemm… I’m sure you guys know about Key from SHINee and Woohyun from Infinite.

Yes, both of them make a duo group and release an album.

The group called TOHEART


So sorry i can’t make TOHEART review at that time 😦

3 weeks ago, at 10th March 2014, TOHEART released an album with music video. Titled Delicious.


This MV is not like any other SM MV but this MV have Woollim style MV. Yea, because this is collaboration between SMEnt and Woollim Ent. Anyway, is a cute MV. Both of them look so handsome and cute. And at the end of the mv there’s like a behind the scene or something like that, i’m not sure what i must called it. If you haven’t watch it, you must watch it now~

Then~~ JENG JENG! Today, they release a MV again with another song from their album. Tell Me Why. Its a nice song. Have a easy listening melody, and a nice lyrics. In this MV, they not use themself to be the model, but they use Sungyeol brother and a girl from SMEnt (sorry forget the name –v).

Tell me why both of them so handsome??? TT

Hehe~ Anyway, enjoy their songs! 🙂

Don’t forget to buy TOHEART album and watch their live perform~!


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